Lift Guide Rails

Machined Guide Rails

• B ve BE Machined quide rails are manufactured by a hidrolic planner.
• The production circle time of 1 bar is 40 seconds.
• The capacity of this machine can be calculated as 40 Htons I 8 Hours.
• Yearly capacity can be reached 30.000 tons by 75% efficiency.

Cold Drawing

Asray, has two cold drawing machines.

Supporting Products​

Guide Rail Laser Calibrator

Guide Rail Laser Calibrator is a coplanarity inspective instrument.

It is a new, reliable and easy-to-operate method with high precision employed to check the coplanarity of two guide rails installed reciprocally.

Processed lift guide rails are manufactured by using the most advanced technology. This processing technique, being a product of a multinational project, is employed only by us in Turkey and is applied by a very few companies in the world.

High quality, manufacturing speed and competitiveness provided by technology could be possible only by use of such or a more advanced technology.