Our Mission

Our mission is on one hand to create added value for our customers, employees and share holders and on the other hand to contribute to development of both the community and the lift sector.

Our Vision

To be global brand which stands as a synonym for lift components, and comes first to the mind and is trusted enough to eliminate any hesitation in purchasing decision.

Quality Policies

Asray as a founded for thepurpose of manufacturing and selling in domestic and international markers the lift guide rails meeting the customer expectations and in strict conformity with the valid international standarts and will continiue its growth and development in line with this quality policiy.

The regal requirements relating to manufacturing and introduction to market and the changing and developing quality demands of our customer will be traced and new sources will be provided and allocated so as to adapt ourselves to the new developments.

Basic principle of our quality is to stricty abide by all current and applicable conditions of our quality management system but at the same time to investigate ahd check the accuracy of each rule and method contuniously and the replace those which are deemed to be insufficient or unnecessary for achievement of our objectives, there by continuously improving the efficiency of our quality management system.

Our quality policy may be effectiv and efficent only if and when it is thoroughly understood and accepted by our employees. Tho top management is in charge of ensuring that our quality policy is thoroughly understood and accepted by our employees.

We, acting as and in the name of the top management of the Company, here by agree and undertake to monitör and trace compliance with the quality system rules, and to develop the quality system continuously according to the changing conditions and circumstances and in strict compliance with the basic priciple of our policy.