Our Environmental Policy

ASRAY, in its business operations and activities
carried out within the frame of its quality management system, aims at performing and fulfilling its mission with the motto of protection of environment and without ever causing loss of natural resources and without damaging the ecologic chain with its existence and operations.

Environmental consciousness of ASRAY is based on its basic belief that environmental management will bring profits and benefits, not costs.

Now and therefore, ASRAY commits itself:

  • To generalize the environmental consciousness in all of its employees, customers and suppliers with the support of its top management; and
  • To continue its business activities and operations in strict compliance with the National and International Environmental Laws and Regulations; and
  • To “continuously keep under control” our wastes thanks to our waste management system and to conduct Periodical Reviews thereon for the sake of continuous improvements therein, there by reducing the wastes and the utilization of natural resources; and
  • To ensure that the Environment Policy is announced and notified to all employees, and the Environmental Management System is implemented and continuously improved and maintained; and To keep our Environment Policy at all times open to our customers, suppliers, employees and generally to the public.